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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Any interest in an "Irish Tune of the Month" on the Mando Hangout?

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Brad Maloney - Posted - 10/28/2012:  19:31:03


I posted this on another thread but here's a cut and paste for those who might not have seen it.


I do a monthly Irish tune of the month on the Fiddle hangout, I can start it here on the mando hangout as long as there's some interest in it and you don't hang me out to dry for playing a 'tater bug. 


It's NOT a contest though, just a chance for people to learn a tune and share it if they like. No pressure.


To select a tune, I generate a random number between 1 and 100 from, that number is cross referenced with the top 100 most added tunes from This month I tried something different and just asked what people wanted to work on.


The focus is on traditional Irish dance tunes; jigs, reels, hornpipes not songs, waltzes and harp music (O'Carolan, Bunting etc). 



I'd like to see at least 10 people vote yes to this, while I'm a strong believer in sharing the knowledge it's a bit of work.


Thoughts and suggestions? Should I pick a different tune than the FHO? Or use the same one. Any input on selecting a tune?



Edited by - Brad Maloney on 10/28/2012 19:31:55

Jim Yates - Posted - 10/29/2012:  10:41:57

Great idea - I'm not sure if I voted correctly, but mine is a yes vote.  Since I don't visit the FHO, I don't care if you use the same tunes.  Thanks Brad.

mandopluker - Posted - 10/29/2012:  11:29:01

Hi Brad,

I have looked around for something like Fiddle Tune of the Month on the mandolin, not specifically Irish (tune). I do admit I get lost / let Irish (or similar) tunes run together. I would like to give it a try and see if I can make some sense out of it.  I have never participated in a "tune of the month" so I am not real sure what to fully expect either way.


Edited by - mandopluker on 10/29/2012 11:35:22

weaklandjr - Posted - 10/29/2012:  13:49:21


I accidentally hit no instead of yes. Please do not count that one no vote and instead aplly it to yes.


Buttonwood Bob - Posted - 10/30/2012:  06:00:00

Here is another "YES."  I would say, "Resounding yes" but that sounds like a pun.

magnuscanis - Posted - 10/31/2012:  03:29:25

This sounds like it could be fun.

Brad Maloney - Posted - 10/31/2012:  12:10:31

Looks like the ayes have it. I'll try to put the video together tomorrow

Brad Maloney - Posted - 10/31/2012:  16:48:52

PS  No Banjos!

PPS Jus' Kiddin'

Wilbur - Posted - 11/14/2012:  15:19:47

Tomorrow is yesterday...yesterday is gone.

Brad Maloney - Posted - 11/30/2012:  09:47:26

So... Here's the top-ten most-added tunes from, these tunes are widely known and played. Pick your favorite or one you'd like to woodshed on! smiley

Mando-Hangout Irish Tune of the Month December 2012

Drowsey Maggie (Reel - Edor/Dmaj)

The Kesh Jig (Jig - Gmaj)

The Butterfly (Slip Jig - Emin)

Cooley\'s Reel (Reel - Edor)

Morrison\'s Jig (Jig - Edor)

The Silver Spear (Reel - Dmaj)

The Maid Behind the Bar (Reel - Dmaj)

The Banshee (Reel - Gmaj)

Banish Misfortune (Jig - Dmix)

The Wind That Shakes The Barley (Reel - Dmaj)

Web Polls

Polls close on Sunday December 2!

Edited by - Brad Maloney on 11/30/2012 09:51:32

Brad Maloney - Posted - 11/30/2012:  11:11:21





Ray54 - Posted - 06/11/2013:  04:56:59


fitzy - Posted - 12/07/2013:  13:37:45

Hi ya that's great idea. I posted a thread on a tune I learnt on the banjo and it's a cracking tune in the mandolin.its called.. Pressed for time.there us a band called flook in YouTube playing it! They play it very fast but I just get goose bumps with it.

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