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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: player level description choices

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MandoChamp - Posted - 03/31/2013:  10:43:50

Nice site, appears to be well run from my limited time here. It is genuinely nice to see more Mandolin resource/sharing websites out there!

My suggestion probably says more about my own preferences and personality than the site itself. I don't care for the word 'Expert' in the bio/experience level description. I have gone to great lengths in my professional and personal life to avoid anyone referring to me as an 'expert' in any subject or pursuit. Although I do perform and teach professionally, I do not present myself as an 'expert,' and would prefer that the only group labeling here that I fit as a player, is not forced to use this word in self description. 

I have always had a pet peeve with people who present themselves as 'experts' and those that present others as 'experts.' It is frankly an abused term that is all to frequently used to manipulate either the people he/she is being presented to as such, or the person who is being referred to as such. Usually to falsely inflate their ego and gain more from them as a result. 

I would love an alternate labeling choice like; Experienced, Professional (as stand alone term) or Advanced, for people who understand that the more you learn, the less you know in perspective to all there is to learn about an artistic pursuit.

Respectfully submitted.

Jim Yates - Posted - 03/31/2013:  11:12:27

I agree.  I don't fill in the area that asks for "Experience Level".  It's very subjective.  Compared to John Reichman, Rich DelGrosso... I would certainly not be considered "Expert", but some of my students might describe me that way.  As far as "Professional" goes, I do play gigs for pay, but could not support myself with what I make playing and make more money teaching than I do performing.

MandoChamp - Posted - 03/31/2013:  15:24:47

Thanks Jim! I had missed the blank selection possible in the level choice. I appreciate the heads up and have adjusted my selection accordingly. 

UsuallyPickin - Posted - 04/01/2013:  08:35:58

Yeah ... I get this..... I listen to Jethro Burns and I think I'll never know how to play a mandolin. When I play with other folks at music camps or jams I think yeah that sounded fine ........ Professional...sure I've been payed to play mandolin but I had to work for a living. Playing a mandolin , or any musical instrument well is a labor of love... but work, not so much. Only when I have a gig and I'm sick and still play....... then it resembles work. Expert .... that's why I keep taking lessons after thirty years of playing, not yet. Purty Good sure maybe a little better than that even... on my good days. But to catagorize myself , hmmmmmmm. Maybe there should be a category of " No longer afraid to make mistakes in public". I'd go for that one ......

Edited by - UsuallyPickin on 04/01/2013 08:38:05

MandoChamp - Posted - 04/02/2013:  10:48:42

I especially like your last sentence.

Jim Yates - Posted - 04/02/2013:  14:37:06

A quote from my friend and roots musician extraordinaire, Mat Fines, that I have posted before, but since it seems apropos:

"Any dedicated music student is already a musician and any dedicated musician is always a music student."

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