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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Robbif's Recordings & Photos

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robbif - Posted - 01/04/2011:  14:22:26

Hi Folks,

I'm not a mando player but I have lots of audio and video recordings I wanted to share with you.

You'll find a lot of mandolin in there.

Please help yourself.

Edited by - robbif on 12/01/2013 11:27:26

robbif - Posted - 01/13/2011:  07:28:22

With a very big thank you to Dave Snyder, I'm now able to share a lot more of the late Al Osteen's music at

robbif - Posted - 05/05/2011:  06:37:12

Hi Folks,

I just "discovered" (read "finally got around to digging out") a 7½ inch tape reel that I thought I should capture while my 40-year-old

Revox deck is still working.

I found a 28-minute stereo set of Bill Monroe and Doc Watson. There's more mono stuff on the other side that I hope to eventually

clean up and make available.

Meanwhile, the 1st set is at

and also available on my Picking Page at in the "From My Friends" section.

I'm not completely sure who gave me the tape, but when I do I'll add a thanks on the Picking Page.

As always, please enjoy!


robbif - Posted - 05/05/2011:  08:20:37

Wow, mystery partially solved. I got this answer on BanjoHangout:

Hey Fred...the Watson-Monroe set you have is a recording I did at Bean Blossom on June 21, 1969.  This was from the Saturday morning workshops and I have all of the other workshop sets recorded from 1969 Beanblossom as well.  It was recorded using a Sony 4-track reel-to-reel deck with 2 Sure SM 58 microphones on gooseneck stands (that's the creaking sound you hear when someone moves them closer to an instrument).  The tape has been circulated a lot after I gave a few people copies, so I'm not sure where you got yours...but that's where it came from.  The copy you have has a good bit of hiss that is not on the original tape...I assume from multi-generation copying on tape.   If you want a first generation digital copy with out the hiss...let me know. 

Ken Landreth

robbif - Posted - 05/06/2011:  16:02:21

Hi Folks,

You want more music? I've got more music.

Ken Landreth ( ) has graciously offered to digitize and send

me even more of his collection.

In the past, Ken provided me the Union Grove 1966 program scans ( )

and some of the music of Al Osteen ( ).

Since I "discovered" a copy of some 1969 Bean Blossom workshops only a few days ago,

Ken not only pointed out  that he made the originals, but offered them to me for posting. So already,

in addition  to the Bill Monroe/Doc Watson workshop, Ken has given me two more:

Don Reno/Doc Watson and Don Reno! You can now find all 3 at

as well as on my Picking Page ( ) in the "From My Friends"

section under "The Ken Landreth Collection"...where there's going to be even more festivals and

misc. recordings very soon!

So stay tuned!

I have to repeat my thanks to Ken. I'm very happy and proud to be involved in sharing his collection

alongside my amateur stuff.

As always, ENJOY!


robbif - Posted - 05/08/2011:  19:10:53


Hi Folks,


Well, as promised, the 2nd installment of the "Ken Landreth Collection" of music

is now available. It's from Carlton Haney's 5th Annual Camp Springs Festival and includes

the Reno & Smiley Story and 3 sets of Dr. Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mtn Boys.


You can find the latest at

and as always on my Picking Page at


Repeated thanks to Ken Landreth and his efforts!




robbif - Posted - 05/20/2011:  06:10:06


I moved the Byron Berline & Gold Rush videos from my website to YouTube for better quality and faster streaming. 

Last summer, Byron came to Poughkeepsie, NY, at my request, and with the hard work of the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association, gathered some great local musicians for a concert.

The video was shot by Steve Jacobi.  



robbif - Posted - 05/20/2011:  06:15:27

I've also moved the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association's Bluegrass in the Schools videos to YouTube.

Check out the mandolin demonstration by Wayne Fugate at

The rest of the series, including a culminating presentation by Special Consensus (in the 1st web video approved by the band)

is at

robbif - Posted - 05/21/2011:  07:29:42

Check out the new artwork from Greg "grich" Rich on my

Picking Page ...

robbif - Posted - 05/25/2011:  09:15:25




I've just added some more great music to the Landreth Collection's Camp Springs 1969:

The Stanley Brothers Story; Emerson, Waldron & the Lee Highway Boys;

Curtis Blackwell, Randall Collins & the Dixie Bluegrass Boys with Al Osteen;

and the completed Carlton Haney's "The Bluegrass Story".



Thanks again to Ken Landreth, who's doing all the work late at night: digitizing and 

"sweetening" the audio, writing the performer and song lists, then uploading to me.



robbif - Posted - 06/01/2011:  09:00:17


I'm thrilled and honored to be able to make available the 55-minute video I captured of the interview with Del McCoury by National Endowment for the Arts Media Producer Josephine Reed. It took place at Grey Fox 2010.


As you may know, the NEA declared Del an official National Treasure.


Happily he's returning to Grey Fox this summer.



The edited audio podcast and transcript are available at

robbif - Posted - 06/13/2011:  13:41:33


We're all very lucky that Ken Landreth is back and his tape recorder is fixed.

With a lot of work, he's given me some more great, historic, high-quality recordings.

Added to the Landreth Collection are Carlton Haney's Berryville 1969 with the Story of Bluegrass and Bill Monroe's Bean Blossom 1971.

The Bean Blossom 1971 series has Ralph Stanley (with Skaggs & Whitley), Jimmy Martin (with Alan Munde), Jim & Jesse, and the Country Gentlemen.

I'm proud to have these gems on my website!

Check out the entire collection at

...and stay tuned for more! 


robbif - Posted - 06/14/2011:  05:51:32


More Landreth Collection music again today!


New in the Camp Springs 1969 series: Red Allen; Bluegrass Alliance; Reno & Smiley; Blackwell, Collins & the Dixie Bluegrass Boys.


Mandolin Ant - Posted - 06/14/2011:  10:06:50

Man that's some pretty cool stuff.


robbif - Posted - 06/17/2011:  05:10:11


Ken Landreth has given me 4 additional sets from the 1969 Berryville Festival:

Country Gentlemen

Jim Eanes & the Shenandoah Valley Cutups

Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mtn Boys

Jimmy Arnold & Wesley Golding


robbif - Posted - 06/21/2011:  08:52:24


Here's a wonderful, short, historic audio clip you should enjoy. Recorded by Tom King at Carlton Haney's Fincastle 1965, it consists of brief promos for the Tom King Show on WBLU, Salem, Va. You'll hear Carter & Ralph Stanley, Clyde Moody, Bill Monroe, Mac Wiseman, & Red Smiley.

Thanks to Tom for this little gem!


robbif - Posted - 06/26/2011:  14:02:47


More 1969 Landreth Collection Music

We've added:


Sunday Morning Hymn Sing - July 6

Jim Eanes & the Shenandoah Valley Cutups

Curtis Blackwell, Randall Collins & the Dixie Bluegrass Boys

Bill Monroe & the Bluegrass Boys

Don Reno, Bill Harrell & the Tennessee Cutups

Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mtn Boys


Bill Emerson, Cliff Waldron & the Lee Highway Boys - July 6

Jimmy Martin & the Sunny Mountain Boys - July 6


Those and more at


See the entire Landreth Collection at


My Picking Page at


robbif - Posted - 06/28/2011:  07:03:36


More 1969 Berryville Music


Ken Landreth has provided 4 more sets of music from July 5, 1969:


Curtis Blackwell, Randall Collins & the Dixie Bluegrass Boys 

Bill Monroe & the Bluegrass Boys 

Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mtn Boys 

Jimmy Martin & the Sunny Mountain Boys


There should me more coming in a few days.


robbif - Posted - 06/30/2011:  06:03:41

Ken has added some more historic recordings from Carlton Haney's 1969 Camp Springs Festival.


Bill Monroe & Guests - Dedication of the NC Bluegrass Park

Mac Wiseman

Osborne Brothers Story


Monroe's guests are Rudy Lyle, Tex Logan, Del McCoury, Joe Greene, Bill (Brad) Keith, Clyde Moody, Roger & Joan Sprung, Mac Wiseman, Butch Robins, Joe Val, and Jim Rooney


robbif - Posted - 07/05/2011:  08:28:50


For the historic 1969 recordings of these 2 festivals from Ken Landreth, here are today's additions:


Bean Blossom 1969 - An Evening in the Barn 

- McCormick Brothers 

- Country Gentlemen 

- Don Reno & Bill Harrell 

- Goins Brothers 

- Mac Wiseman 

- Jim and Jesse & The Virginia Boys

- Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass Boys


Camp Springs 1969

- Banjo, Fiddle & Guitar Workshops

- Bluegrass Alliance Evening Aug 31

robbif - Posted - 07/07/2011:  16:52:13

Here are the latest Ken Landreth Collection updates in the last few days:

June 21, 1969 Bean Blossom

-Bluegrass Story - Part 1

-Bluegrass Story - Part 2

July 4, 1969 Berryville

-Jimmy Arnold & Wesley Golding, Evening

-Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys, Evening

-Bill Monroe Late Night Jam Session

Aug 31, 1969 Camp Springs Sunday Morning Hymn Sing

-Jim Eanes & the Shenandoah Valley Cutups

-Don Reno, Bill Harrell & the Tennessee Cutups

-Bill Monroe & the Bluegrass Quartet

robbif - Posted - 07/09/2011:  14:36:38


I'm pleased to announce the inauguration of a new audio series: The Phil Zimmerman Collection.

Phil has started us out with a gem from the 1969 Berryville Festival.

You'll hear Mike Seeger and Maybelle Carter warming up backstage, then Mike,

Maybelle, and Bill Monroe onstage!

It all starts at

As always, you can also find it on my Picking Page at

in the "From My Friends" section.

I'll be adding more detail when possible. Corrections and historical background are welcome.



robbif - Posted - 07/11/2011:  14:29:33

Below are the latest recordings in the Ken Landreth Collection. They're from Bean Blossom 1969...

- Banjo Contest with competitors Alan Munde, Richard Smith, Paul Wiley, Earl Sneed, Larry Marshall, Louis Pope Joy, & Butch Robins

- Bill Monroe & the Bluegrass Boys & Guests Hazel Dickens, Alice Gerrard, Tex Logan, Roger Smith, Birch Monroe, Roger Sprung, Vivian & Phil Williams, Roger Billin, & Mike Seeger

robbif - Posted - 07/24/2011:  10:01:48



Here is today's BIG update to Ken Landreth's recordings - from Sunday at Bean Blossom 1971.


Here are the groups in the Sunday Morning Hymn Sing...


Bill Monroe & the Bluegrass Boys, Johnson Family, Don Reno, Bill Harrell, Red Smiley & the Tennessee Cut-ups,

Sullivan Family, Carl Story & the Rambling Mountaineers, Brother Bishop, Doc & Merle Watson,

James Monroe & the Midnight Ramblers, Hamilton County Bluegrass Band, Cliff Waldron & the New Shades of Grass,

Country Gentlemen, Jim and Jesse & the Virginia Boys, Goins Brothers, Don Brown & the Ozark Mountain Trio,

Mac Wiseman 


...and look at the individual performers for the rest of that day...


Cliff Waldron-guitar

Ben Eldridge-banjo 

Mike Auldridge-dobro

Bill Poffenberger-fiddle

Ed Ferris-bass


Jesse McReynolds-mandolin

Jim McReynolds-guitar

Carl Jackson-banjo 

Jesse Brock-fiddle,bass


Jimmy Martin-guitar 

Alan Munde-banjo

Gloria Belle-guitar 

Ronnie Prevette-mandolin

Ray Martin-snare drum 

Jimmy Martin Jr.-guitar


Ralph Stanley-banjo 

Roy Lee Centers-guitar 

Curly Ray Cline-fiddle 

Ricky Skaggs-mandolin

Keith Whitley-guitar 

Jack Cooke-bass


Charlie Waller-guitar 

Bill Emerson-banjo 

Jimmy Gaudreau-mandolin

Bill Yates-bass


Lester Flatt-guitar

Mac Wiseman-guitar 

Paul Warren-fiddle 

Kenny Baker-fiddle 

Haskell McCormick-banjo 

Roland White-mandolin 

Buck Graves-dobro


More in the Bluegrass Story...


Joe Stuart, Jack Hicks, Eddie Adcock, Sandy Rothman, Ernie Graves, Vassar Clements,

Tex Logan, Buck Graves





I forgot to add:

John Hartford-banjo, guitar

Norman Blake-guitar

Tut Taylor-dobro, mandolin

Vassar Clements-fiddle

Edited by - robbif on 07/24/2011 10:38:36

robbif - Posted - 07/25/2011:  16:38:21

I thought yesterday's Landreth Collection update was big...until Ken sent me much more 1971 Bean Blossom overnight.

There are three sets from July 17 and eighteen additional sets from June 19.

Again, they're all at

And just a while ago, Akira Otsuka and his brother Josh (both former members of the Japanese group Bluegrass 45 that wowed US audiences in the 1970s) discovered a film of that festival at

robbif - Posted - 07/26/2011:  07:34:03

In addition to the last 2 days' updates, here are more additions to 

Bean Blossom for June 18, 1971. Ken's been hard at work!


John Hartford Campground Jam Session

Fiddle Workshop 

Mike Seeger with Alice Gerrard & Pete Kuykendall

Larry Sparks & the Lonesome Ramblers 

Bluegrass Alliance 

Bill Monroe & the Bluegrass Boys


robbif - Posted - 08/19/2011:  12:43:06

I just found some more of my cassettes.

I think this is an historic recording I'm happy to share with you.


Wilma Lee & the Clinch Mountain Clan at the Berkshire Mtns Bluegrass Festival 1977

Butch Robins - banjo

Jim Brock, Jr. - bass

"Woody Paul" Chrisman & Tex Logan- fiddles

Gene Wooten - dobro

Announced by Don Stover

This was just a few months after Stoney passed away.

Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mtn. Boys at Berkshire Mtns. Festival 1977

Renfro Profit - lead guitar

Keith Whitley - guitar

Curly Ray Cline - fiddle

Jack Cooke - bass

Tony Trischka & Bela Fleck at Winterhawk 1992...

As always, they're also available on my Picking page at




robbif - Posted - 10/02/2011:  13:52:26

Hi Folks,

As usual, after I thought I'd found them all, I "discovered" 2 more cassettes. Actually, one was already digitized and the other

was in a stack right next to the computer. What great organization!

Anyway, here are two recordings of Peter Rowan and Tex Logan from the 1979 Berkshire Mountains Bluegrass Festival.

Lamar Grier is on banjo, and his son David comes up for one number in Set 1.

Set 1:

Set 2:

As always, the links are available on my Picking Page at

I didn't remember who was on bass and guessed Barry Mitterhoff was on mandolin.

I received a quick answer from picker/photog Phil Zimmerman:


"This picture (top of the page) is from July 4, 1978... very likely the same band as your Berkshire Mtns tape:"


I probably guessed correctly about Barry Mitterhoff on mandolin and it looks like Roger Mason on bass.

I then realized I might've been able to guess from my 1980 photo...

                                         Lamar Grier, Tex Logan, Roger Mason, Peter Rowan, Amanda Rowan, Barry Mitterhoff



robbif - Posted - 10/08/2011:  05:28:58

Just a reminder, all of my Grey Fox videos (2003 - present) are on one YouTube playlist. ..

A couple more from 2011 are added each week as they are released via the Grey Fox video blog...

Edited by - robbif on 10/08/2011 05:35:05

robbif - Posted - 10/12/2011:  08:19:43

Finally I have some more of Ken Landreth's Recording Collection.

Thanks to his hard work you can now hear the 1969 Bean Blossom Sunday Hymn Program.


In this case, the tapes were given to Ken a long time ago by Barbara Thomas of Tahlequah, OK.

Due to possible rain the program was moved to the Barn with less seating, and Monroe requested that

no tape recorders be allowed except for that of Mike Seeger. But Thomas was still able to make a recording.

The tape quality is not great, but at least the program has been documented.



The entire Landreth collection (so far) is at



robbif - Posted - 10/14/2011:  04:40:53

In keeping with the Hymn Program theme, here is my contribution from the 1980 Berkshire Mountains Bluegrass Festival...

Del McCoury:

(sorry, incomplete when I ran out of tape)

Buck White, Sharon, Cheryl, Skaggs, Douglas:

As usual, it's also on my Picking Page at


robbif - Posted - 10/16/2011:  13:47:10

Please help yourself to my latest addition,


Buck White with Ricky Skaggs


from 1978 at the Towne Crier, then in Beekman, NY.




I think Buck does some of the most beautiful and tasteful mando I've ever heard. I know some of it comes from his piano playing, which you'll

hear a little of, to the thrill of the intimate crowd....and me!


Also on my Picking Page



robbif - Posted - 10/23/2011:  05:32:24

Hi Folks,


I've "discovered" another recording to share with you.


The Seldom Scene at the 1979 Berkshire Mountains Bluegrass Festival...




It's also on my Picking Page




robbif - Posted - 11/13/2011:  07:18:18

Just a reminder...

Please help yourself to all of the audio and video recordings on my Picking Page.

robbif - Posted - 12/02/2011:  04:29:23


From the Grey Fox 2011 Masters Stage...


VIDEO: Berklee College of Music – Kentucky Waltz


robbif - Posted - 12/05/2011:  05:28:00

My first HD video, shot with my wife's Canon still camera.

The Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association presented this event with two great singers.

What a great time, despite a blizzard!


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robbif - Posted - 12/10/2011:  06:56:39

These videos aren't mine, but I though I'd re post them.

Good friend Akira Otsuka tells the stories of John Duffey and his mandolins...">">">">

gsdauria - Posted - 01/04/2012:  17:36:41

Hey robbif these are great thank you for posting I enjoyed listening and watching.

robbif - Posted - 01/04/2012:  17:45:43


Originally posted by gsdauria

Hey robbif these are great thank you for posting I enjoyed listening and watching.


You're welcome....and Welcome!


robbif - Posted - 02/07/2012:  16:59:23

I just discovered this videotape of the 2007 Grey Fox Banjo Masters: Greg Liszt, Pete Wernick, & Doc Cullis..">

robbif - Posted - 02/08/2012:  13:55:54

Here's the other tape I just found...">

robbif - Posted - 02/12/2012:  09:43:16

 Eddie Shelton-banjo, Bill Pogue-mandolin, Travis Stewart-guitar.

I'm thrilled to announce that I've made the complete record album available at

I couldn't have done it without the help of Travis' son Dennis who provided me the audio; and Eddie Shelton's daughter Linda Shelton Brown who provided the album cover image.

By the way, don't forget Dennis had already provided me with the video of the Cut-Ups' TV commercials:

robbif - Posted - 06/14/2012:  15:06:12

I'm proud to announce I've now been able to start another series of bluegrass recordings,

thanks to another well-known picker.

This time it's the "Doc Hamilton Collection".

It starts out with Doc's blockbuster recordings of Flatt & Scruggs in Houston, 1966 and 1967.

The 1967 set has two songs by guests Doc & Merle Watson.

These recordings are obviously even more appropriate with our recent loss of Earl and Doc.

As always, the link is also available on my Picking Page at

in the From My Friends section.

There will be more to come.

My sincere thanks to Doc for taking the time to allow us to share his treasures with all of you in the

bluegrass community.

robbif - Posted - 06/15/2012:  18:12:01

Doc Hamilton has come up with two more gems:

Flatt & Scruggs WSAZ 1959

Flatt & Scruggs WSM 1963

They're at

robbif - Posted - 06/16/2012:  17:54:07

Even more in the Doc Hamilton Collection!

Bean Blossom 1968 - Stone Mtn Boys, Bill Monroe, Red Allen, Mac Wiseman, Hedrick Bros.

                                  (sorry for the poor quality on this one)

Stanley Brothers, Antioch

JD Crowe, New York City



robbif - Posted - 06/18/2012:  15:01:53

First of all you're welcome to download any of my recordings.

Recently I've gotten several queries of how to go about it.

So I've added some brief instructions:

There's also a link to the instructions on my Picking Page:

robbif - Posted - 06/19/2012:  05:29:05

I just received an unexpected treat from an old friend in Clemson.

Bob King sent me his 1986 recording of Doc Watson at the Paramount Theatre

in Peekskill, NY. It's in stunning quality, directly from the sound board...

once some adjustments were made.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

It's also in the "From My Friends" section on my Picking Page

My big, big thanks to Bob for this wonderful surprise!

robbif - Posted - 07/06/2012:  04:27:45

I've just had the pleasure of adding the Ken Hydinger Collection to my recordings.

Ken's given us a Jimmy Martin set from Bill Monroe's 1996 Bean Blossom,

only 2 days before Monroe's death. Read Ken's account on the web page.

As always, Ken's collection is also on my Picking Page in the From My Friends section.

Thanks, Ken, and enjoy, everyone!


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