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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Online Group Workshops in the Chatroom - Interested? Any Teachers around?

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schlange - Posted - 01/03/2011:  15:14:31

Hey Folks,

In the last 6 months or so we've started doing some online group workshops over at the Banjo Hangout. We're going to have our first one on the Fiddle Hangout this month, with another scheduled in February.

I'm wondering if there's enough interest to have one at the Mando Hangout as well. Any teachers around who would be interested in teaching one? Any students who would be interested in paying for a group workshop?

So far the workshops have been about 90 minutes long, with a registration cost of $20. But that could be different here if we wanted it to be. We could even do some free workshops!

Let me know what you think.

chenry - Posted - 01/03/2011:  15:31:59

I would be interested in teaching.

H20 - Posted - 01/03/2011:  16:28:24

I would love to check it out...... Do you have any pod cast snippets around to give us a taste? Seems very reasonable in cost and a lot of fun! Is the a link on the other HO's to learn more?

oppsss..... just found the FHO info.

Edited by - H20 on 01/03/2011 16:44:13

schlange - Posted - 01/13/2011:  15:27:39

So...not a whole lot of interest in this yet, it seems. That's fine--we'll get around to it I'm sure!

danrkeva - Posted - 01/20/2011:  19:07:17

I think it would be a great idea. They used to do the same thing over on Music Moose site it was great and had quite a following

jphalabuk - Posted - 02/01/2011:  05:33:57

I would be interested in taking, not teaching.
I know they do them on the BHO site, would love to take one for mando.

jphalabuk - Posted - 02/26/2011:  09:35:26

I cannot teach, but I would definitely take one or more.

Wilbur - Posted - 02/26/2011:  11:08:20

First I noticed this post...I would be interested. Not a teacher but as a participant.
Hi Dan, how's everything in Roanoke?

danrkeva - Posted - 04/02/2011:  19:55:51

Sorry to take so long to answer haven't been on here foe a while, Things are going OK here weather can't make up its mind what it wants to do, wind today was terrible, wet most of last week and looks like the upcoming week will be the same.
Any thing come of the online idea???

albeham - Posted - 04/13/2011:  07:55:50

Did this or is this happening?


TSSN - Posted - 04/13/2011:  08:28:28

I don't know how I missed this.  I would attend (NOT teach!)

eddb - Posted - 04/14/2011:  07:46:30

I would be interested for sure. 

albeham - Posted - 05/02/2011:  11:23:02



danrkeva - Posted - 12/29/2011:  15:06:37

too bad the old Moose site died out, that was a lot of fun and bunch of great guys on it.
Was hoping Anthony would try and keep it up.

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