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­Playing Techniques/Exercises

Fretting Hand

Finger Stretching Tips: Video lesson on proper finger stretching

Four Note Patterns: Tips on learning four note patterns

Fretboard Positions: Mandozine article from Mike Stangeland on different positions

Hand Stretching Tips: Tips on how to properly stretch your hand

Mandolin Double Stops: Seth Austen of Mel Bay's teaches you how to do double stops

Stop The Pain: Tips on reducing finger pain

The Importance Of The Pinky: Jazz mandolin tips on using your pinky

General Tips

A String Primer: The skinny on Mandolin strings

Basic Bluegrass Backup: A simple rythm for beginners by Brad Laird

Components of Tone: Tips on improving your tone

Course Corrections: Tips on how to play in a band with the Mandolin

Double Stops In A Major: Lesson on mandolin double stops

Enemies Of Sustain: Tips on improving sustain in your playing

First And Second Endings: Beginning exersices from Brad Laird

Hammer On And Pull Of Technique: Video lesson for learning to do hammer-ons and pull-offs

Holes: A small note on different hole shapes in the Mandolin

How do we learn?: An article on learning

How to spend an hour playing 16 notes: Tips for perfect practicing

Improvisation: Tips on improvisation

Jethro Burns Exercises: Learn Jethro Burns's warm up routine

Learning to Improvise: Mathew Fox talks about improvisation

Mandolin Practice Tips: Levin Schwartz gives you some tips for mandolin practice

Mandolin Progress: Mandozine article on Mandolin practice and progress

Metronome Techniques: A guide to using a metronome to improve your playing

Metronome Techniques 2: Follow up to a previous lesson on metronome techniques

Pick Focus: JazzMando article on balanced practice

Playing the "Off Beats": Lesson on Bluegrass rhythm

Practice Regime; Balance: JazzMando article on balanced practice

Practice Tips: John Bird gives you some tips on practicing

Rockin' In Rythm: Tips on playing in a band

Speed and Timing: Article on improving speed in your Bluegrass playing

St. James Infirmary Arpeggio Study: Dix Bruce Teaches Your Some Imrovisation Tricks

Stage Performance Guide: Some Pointers For Stage Performance

Steady Eighth Notes: Beginner exercise by Brad Laird

The Basics Of Auditioning An Instrument: Tips on how to properly audition an instrument

The Joy Of Mandolinning: Tips on learning Mandolin effectively

The Regressive Method: Tips On Grappling Difficult Concepts

Thinking In Sentences: Tips on improving fluidity in your playing

Tip On Pefection: Useful tip for perfecting your playing

Tips On Developing Your Own Sound: JazzMando Article On Developing Your Own Tone

What To Look For In An Acoustic Amplifier: Tips on buying an amplifier for your instrument

Picking Hand

Alternate Mandolin Picking Strokes: eHow lesson on alternate Mandolin picking

Cross Picking: eHow lesson on Mandolin cross picking

Cross Picking: Backwards Roll: Second part of Levin Schwartz series of lessons on cross picking

Cross Picking: Forward Roll: First part of Levin Schwartz lesson on cross picking

Cross Picking: Jumping Strings: Final part of Levin Schwartz lesson on cross picking

Cross Picking: Middle Roll: Third part of Levin Schwartz lesson on cross picking

How To Play Mandolin Tremolo: Beginner lessons with Levin Schwartz

Mandolin Cross Picking: Forward Roll: First part of Levin Schwartz series of lessons on cross picking

Mandolin Rhythm And Timing Exercises: Levin Schwartz shows you some exercises to improve rhythm and timing

Mandolin Sessions Chopping Lesson: By Matt Raum

Mandolin Tremolo: CoMando ListServe thread on Mandolin tremolo

Mandolin Tremolo Exercises: Beginner video lesson with Levin Schwartz

Picking Exercises: John Moore teaches you some simple picking exercises

Picks And Doorknobs: Tips on how to improve picking

Right Hand Technique: Video lesson on proper placement and movement of the right hand

Right hand technique: John Baldry gives some pointers on Right hand technique

Specific Techniques

Double Stops: Mike Perry shows you how to do some double stops

Double Stops Exercise: David Zimmerman teaches you how to improve your double stops

Double Stops: Sixths: Mike Perry shows you some alternate double stop voicings

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