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Music Theory

Chord Construction

Basic Chop Chords: Learn some easy chop chords

Chop Chords: MandoLessons take on chop chords

Chord Progressions: Mike Perry shows you some simple chord progressions

Chords: A simple explaination of how chords are formed

Closed Fingerings: Ted Eschliman teaches you some closed chord fingerings

Minor Triads: Video on Minor Triads

Minor Triads: Tim Piazza teaches you some basic chord construction

Playing Triads In Whole Steps: Video lesson on Triads with Levin Schwartz

Scale Exercises: Triads: Beginner Mandolin lesson on Triads

Simple Chords: Video Lesson on simple Mandolin Chords

Spelling Out Chords With Ted Eschliman: Web lesson on chord construction from Mel Bay

Tim O'Brien's Arpeggios: Mandozine lesson with Tim O'Brien on arpeggios

Two Finger Chords: Learn some simple Mandolin chords

What Is A Chord?: Brad Laird teaches you the basics of Chord Construction

What Is An Augmented Triad: Video lesson on Augmented Triads with Levin Schwartz

What You Can Do With A V7 Chord: Declaring Dominants: Lesson by Ted Eschliman

Musical Styles

Bebop Mandology: Lesson on Bebop scales for the Mandolin

How To Play A Two String Shuffle: eHow teaches you to play a two string shuffle

Introduction To Bluegrass Mandolin: Nate Lee shows you some introductory melodies and rhythms

Irish Jig Mandolin Tips: Pointers on Irish Jig Mandolin playing from Levin Schwartz

Irish Mandolin: My Love is in America: Michael Gregory teaches you this Irish Mandolin tune

Irish Mandolin: O’Mahony’s & Cronin’s Hornpipes: Michael B. Gregory teaches you these Irish Reels

Mandolin 12 Bar Blues: Introduction to 12 Bar Blues on the Mandolin

Mandolin Blues And Jazz: Introduction to Blues and Jazz on the Mandolin

Mandolin Chord Economics: Lesson on Mandolin Chords

Moving Up The Fretboard: Getting Shifty: With Ted Eschliman

Ragtime Music Tips: Levin Schwartz give some pointers for learning Ragtime music

Rythm Basics: Learn the basic rythm of a Bluegrass song

Tips For Playing Bluegrass Stomp On Mandolin: Levin Schwartz introduces you to Bluegrass Stomp and provides some pointers

Reading Tablature/Notation

How To Read Tablature: Brad Laird teaches you how to read tablature

How To Read Tablature Part 1: Instructions on how to read Mandolin tablature

How To Read Tablature Part 2: Instructions on how to read Mandolin tablature

Learn To Read Mandolin Notation: A guide to learning musical notation with Joe Carr

Learn to Read Notation: Comando List post on reading notation for Mandolin


Aonzo Family Scales: Learn the warm up scale used by Carlo Aonzo

Chromatic Fingering: Lesson on chromatic Jazz fingerings

E Pentatonic Scale: Levin Schwartz explains and demonstrates the E pentatonic scale

Finger Patterns For The Mandolin: with Levin Schwartz

G Major Scale On Mandolin: Vidoe lesson with Levin Schwartz

Lydian Scale: Ted Eschliman teaches you the Lydian scale

Mike Stangeland: Arpeggios: Lesson on arpeggios from Mandozine

Open Position Tips: Tips on open position chords and scales

Scale Exercise: Thirds: Beginner lesson with Levin Schwartz

Scale Exercises: Ricardo Dias shows you some scale exercises

Scales Don't Have To Be Boring: Tips on how to make scale practice more interesting

Sequential Patterns: Lesson on patterns with Levin Schwartz

Simple Scales: Video lesson on simple Mandolin scales

The Logical Layout Of The Mandolin: Lesson on Mandolin scales and transposing

Turnaround Lick in D: Learn a new lick with Brad Laird

What Is A Blues Scale?: Brad Laird teaches you the Blues scales

What Is A Major Scale?: Brad Laird teaches you the Major Scales

What Is The Pentatonic Scale?: Learn the Pentatonic scales with this video

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