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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Mandolin G String Dead/Buzz

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Tylermando123 - Posted - 12/09/2018:  10:07:40

Got a new pava f5 mandolin and didn't notice until I started playing around the twelfth fret that the sound is dead/buzzy. I've put new strings on had it set up by someone else and it's still present. don't know what to do.......

MandoTom2 - Posted - 12/09/2018:  10:22:17

I would look down the neck line (edges of the neck) from the head stock towards the body and see if there is a 'hump' in the fretboard, in the area where the buzz is, which is where the neck meets the body approximately...

When you changed strings, did  you change to a heavier, thicker gauge? That is a possibility...




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Tylermando123 - Posted - 12/09/2018:  17:47:05

the buzz/dead sound was there before I changed the strings as well on lighter strings. ive looked down the neck and it looks normal to my eyes

MandoTom2 - Posted - 12/09/2018:  20:18:11

I just looked up Pava Mandolins... Never heard of them before...

They look to be top drawer instruments...

I would call Pava and see if they have any ideas...

Secondarily, I would make sure the luthier that worked on such a nice instrument, plays and/or builds mandolins him or her self...

All luthiers are not created equal (especially where music store luthiers are concerned)...


Edited by - MandoTom2 on 12/09/2018 20:18:52

RickJohnson - Posted - 12/10/2018:  09:38:02

Try Rob's ebook:
Thanks for mentioning my ebook, gang, and please feel free to put my email address out if someone asks.

As noted, just email me at and put Mandolin Setup in the subject line. It makes it easy for me to sort through my daily emails when I get home from work and send the ebook out.

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays,


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