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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Advice needed

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octopus - Posted - 10/06/2018:  09:41:49

Hello everyone,

I have bought a nice Swedish Levin 55 mandolin from1955.

This mandolin supposed to have a birch back according to the Levin information pages but it looks mahogany to me.

Unfortunately the back has com loose from the sides.

It's a clean split so there is no wood split, just the glue let loose.

I don't know what type of glue was used on this mandolin.

The problem is that if want to reglue it the new glue cannot penetrate te wood because of the old glue.

For that reason I thought it might be an idea to glue it with a clear 2 component slow curing epoxy glue.

Is this a very bad idea?? (please be gentle with me i'm new here)

The other problem is that the neck is a little bowed.

Without strings.

A ruler on top of the first an last fret give a space 0.016 inch in the middle 0.4064 mm

A ruler on top of the first an twelfth fret 0.008 inch in the middle 0.2032 mm

Is this normal or should this be measured under full string tension?

Any ideas/thought are welcome.

Thanks in advance, Paul

I can't post the photo's in a normal size but i hope it's good enough.

Edited by - octopus on 10/06/2018 09:56:18

lappy - Posted - 10/14/2018:  17:01:25

It’s hide glue. Do not use epoxy. The back needs to be entirely removed. Then the old glue should be removed. Then it can be glued on with new glue. You need quite a few leather lined spool clamps but these are easy to make. Is there a truss rod cover on the peghead? I can’t see any of your pictures. Send me a private email.

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