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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Old harmony-ish

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zachpauley24 - Posted - 03/07/2018:  08:33:15

So I was given a few older instrument that aren't necessarily in the best condition, as a project to just rebuild and get back to running condition, and I have this old harmony mandolin that I'm trying to get in tuned correctly, and I'm having a hell of a problem with the intonation, it's my first time attempting to rebuild any acoustic instrument, but I've dealt with the intonation before but only with an electric or acoustic guitar and the process of getting that as it much easier than what I'm reading this is, all that came with was the body and the bridge, but I'm not even sure the bridge is a mandolin Bridge, which I'm sure you can see in the pictures that I will post shortly, and the tail guard is funky it doesn't look like my Woods mandolin, or most others that I've seen. Any help at this point as appreciated it's not a pressing matter, just a project on the whim of a few extra instruments to have plus the fact I did them myself along with just the one to have the knowledge for being able to do this because I'm starting to explore a lot of other instruments now so it never hurts to know more about at all #onemanband

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zachpauley24 - Posted - 03/07/2018:  08:40:27

and just a little information, ive played for almost 17 years on the guitar, and just within the past few months picked the mando up, and now startedn the banjo to, found my love for bluegrass lol, i play by ear entirley, i can read music and tab, but i mainly just go by what plays in my head, so i can tell tune fairky well.

zachpauley24 - Posted - 03/07/2018:  08:42:43

it really has a great projection sound to it, it carries, and sounds crisp, but i cant get the intonation right and just needed as many pointers to this part, and every part of the process. sorry for the rambeling just figured id levae some insight for the heck of knowing im not entirley new. thanks again in advance

zachpauley24 - Posted - 03/07/2018:  08:44:42

UsuallyPickin - Posted - 03/08/2018:  06:54:18


The bridge may not be in the correct place relative to the nut. When the bridge is in the correct position the open string and the tone at the twelfth fret will be an octave apart. The harmonic will also be the same tone. This effects intonation. Loosen the six inside strings leaving one E and one G tuned to pitch and test it with your tuner. Then move each end of the bridge slightly until you have matching tones. R/

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